Month: February 2014

Grid Review: Next Reality

My profile of The Next Reality Grid for the online magazine, Hypergrid Business is here…

“…With over 175 regions, Next Reality is not your average personal grid. Hart and Mueller want to share it with people who will have fun playing with their creations.

“We did not want a grid that was going to rent land or regions,” Hart said. “So we decided on a community grid where anyone in OpenSim could either login as a member of Next Reality or hypergrid in and take advantage of all the activities on offer and have some fun…”

Red Light Club on Next Reality grid

Red Light Club on Next Reality grid

Current Inworld Projects

Here’s what Danko Whitfield is working on these days inworld…

Long-established in Danko’s story is his home nation of Winterfell on the Second Life grid. Danko is the Winterfell Ambassador. He has a pub in Winterfell Laudanum called, Storytellers Pub. Nearby is his office. His home is a tiny cabin in the woods and on the water in Winterfell Absinthe. The time period in Winterfell is approximately the 16th to 18th century. (UPDATE March 6: A new Winterfell storyline is about to begin.)

Danko’s second home these days is Dankoville. It appears to be located in the northern midwest or plains of the US.  Danko lives here in the present day….again it’s a second home…he is always returning from Winterfell or Evergreen or somewhere. His recent storyline has also taken him back to 1960. And in one recent story on The Further Adventures Of Danko Whitfield, Semi-Retired Time Traveller, he wrote about first visiting the town circa 1860. Dankoville is my personal OpenSim playground. It runs in standalone mode but as it has multiple regions, I refer to it as a mini-grid. Dankoville has been offline since the fall but will be returning very soon. More on that coming up on these pages, I’m sure. Dankoville is an HG-enabled grid. Dankoville had 17 regions when it was last running. When it returns, I’m going to try and double that. We’ll see.

On Kitely grid, Danko hosts Aquaetas (formerly Evergreen) – a collection of four Ages in the Myst/Uru style, under the auspices of The Devokan Trust.

The following projects are currently under construction on Kitely grid and not yet open to the general public…

Harmony – a town located on Nutmeg Island, off the coast of New England. a single region with shops, a pub, and a few houses and cabins. The shops will be free for merchants with items for sale or free; the residences will be available for rent at very low rates. Ferry service.

Chronos – working title for a new Devokan Age which will further the storyline of The Towers that has appeared on The Further Adventures and elsewhere.



Abermir – a 4-region sim that mashes up the period of the 15th to 18th centuries.

Icilar – a 4-region medieval sim, actually three regions and an open water region. this land is somewhere in the far north and deep into the winter. mostly snow, ice and mountains, there is some grassland for crops in the southeast region.

Danko has never really had a home on Kitely and never spent much time inworld there. That will change as this year unfolds. As he will still be based in Winterfell and have Dankoville as his second home, he probably won’t have a Kitely home but will be there more often to work on these various projects.

Hello & Welcome

I’m just setting this new blog up. I could have set it to private but I didn’t.

This is a writer’s blog. My intention is to confine it to the writing I do about virtual worlds as Danko Whitfield and George Miner. And possibly as a few others – sometimes my alts do some writing. I’ll be writing here about the process.

That’s all I know so far.