Dankoville Stories

A new multiple author blog with stories about Dankoville has started up.

The announcement is on Journey To The Center Of The Metaverse



The Tunnels

The conclusion to last month’s piece, “A Door Opens,” appears on The Further Adventures Of Danko Whitfield, Semi-Retired Time Traveller…



I recently opened another new world on Kitely. It’s called Brown.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, immersing yourself in a virtual world is worth 100,000.

Or am I confusing that with prim count?


In other words, don’t just look at the pretty pictures I posted on flickr – Go! Visit!

HG address: grid.kitely.com:8002:Brown

Alts and “De-alting”

I like creating characters.

I used to create a lot of “alts” (virtual world speak for alternate avatars) in Second Life just because I could. But as I started writing about my virtual life, I wanted to create avatar versions of some of the characters I was writing about. Just for fun. That’s when my total number of alts got out of hand. So I’ve had to kill some off from time to time. Well, I didn’t really “have” to…it’s just my preference. I never used these alts so I decided to get rid of them so I could clear the way for the creation of other alts who are being used…in story.

Every once in awhile I bump off a few more.

Danko posted about my recent rampage on Journey To The Center Of The Metavwerse…


Danko’s Worlds

Danko has a new site with links to the virtual world places he is connected with. It has the HG addresses and links to more info on each location.

The idea of this page is to provide information about the locations that many of Danko’s stories take place in as well as other projects Danko is involved in. This information will help other virtual world explorers visit these places.

Have a look…

The site is called Danko’s Worlds.

It will grow this year as I plan to open several more sims.